Our Approach

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Our ApproachOur points of difference

At HWL Ebsworth, our edge is not only our expertise, experience and ability to assist our clients in meeting their commercial objectives, but also our ability to offer a better value proposition.

HWL Ebsworth operates a different business model to the other leading national law practices, and this allows us to offer market leading advice at rates which are significantly lower than those of our competitors.

A fundamental principle on which our model is built, however, is that the quality and timeliness of advice provided is not negatively impacted by our desire to offer clients exceptional value for money. In this regard, we seek to attract high quality lawyers and support them with the best training, knowledge management resources and IT systems.

Vision & Values

HWL Ebsworth recognises the importance of an organisation's culture and its powerful influence on performance and service delivery.  

Our culture is one that places a strong emphasis on open and honest communication at all levels, continuous improvement in our practices and encouragement of innovation and forward thinking.  We benchmark our practices against the best advisory firms internationally to achieve our vision.

The values of our firm characterise our approach to practising law and partnering with clients.  These values ensure that honesty, trust and respect drive our working relationships with clients and with each other.  We also encourage our staff to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.